Patient Info

Your Appointment at Our Dental Practice

Since we are privately owned, we value developing relationships with our patients and earning their trust. We will always spend a little time with you getting to know one another. It seems only fair since we have such an important role in your health and wellbeing!

We want to do more than just provide fillings, crowns and cleanings; we want you to fully understand how having a healthy, attractive smile can improve your self-confidence and quality of life.

Once you arrive for your appointment at our practice we will:

  • Acquire all your health history details
  • Introduce you to all our staff
  • Discuss your concerns
  • Complete a thorough evaluation of your current oral health
  • Perform an oral cancer check
  • Take x-rays if necessary

A courtesy call is made to all patients two days before their scheduled appointments. This benefits both the patient and our practice. Your appointment is time dedicated to you. We never double book visits or race patients through the door. You are our top priority.

After your exam, Dr Etcell will spend some time discussing any oral health conditions he identifies, along with all possible treatment options. He can go over x-rays and intraoral images to show you what he sees.

We recommend pre-booking your next visit so that you can have the day and time that works best for your family’s schedule.