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Medicine-Induced Dry Mouth

What else can I do for Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth caused by medication is more common than you think…especially amongst older generations. If left untreated, dry mouth can interfere with your oral health and function, affect your general health and significantly impair your quality of life! Dry mouth is professionally referred to as Xerosomia.

A study in 2017 showed that 73% of Veterans Affairs patients were dispensed one medicine that could cause dry mouth. 22% were dispensed two medications that could cause dry mouth and 5% were dispensed with three!

Saliva balances out the number of bacteria in your mouth and without sufficient saliva, tooth loss, decay, gum disease and even bad breath are more likely. There is ...

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World No Tobacco Day Friday 31st May 2019

World No Tobacco Day each year, brings awareness on the use of tobacco products and overall health. What some people don't realise, is that tobacco has a huge effect on your oral health!

The first cultivation of tobacco is thought to have been around 6000 BC, with earliest reports of use amongst indigenous Americans around the first century BC. By the 16th century it was being used worldwide. With 1.3 billion current tobacco users in the world predicted to rise to 1.6 billion by 2030. The effects of tobacco use on the population’s oral health are alarming. The most significant effects of smoking on the oral cavity are: oral ...

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Sleep Apnoea in Children

Sleep Apnoea is a condition that we usually associate with adults, but did you know that it affects children as young as 3 years old? 

Sleep Apnoea is usually surrounded in confusion, starting with how we spell it! Apnea is the American spelling, but Apnoea is the English/Australian spelling. Often it is thought that if you snore, you must have Sleep Apnoea…this is not always the case, for both adults and children.

Sleep Apnoea can be caused by blockages in the airways, a small lower jaw, or a narrow, pointy upper jaw. It is a condition where a person stops breathing for a short period, on a regular basis during their sleep.  Episodes ...

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7 foods that benefit your teeth!

Photos of Vegetables | Fairfield Dentist NSW

We all know about the foods that are bad for our teeth, but what foods actually benefit your teeth?

Cheese – Eating cheese raises the pH in your mouth, this lowers your risk of decay. It is thought that the chewing action required when eating cheese increases saliva. Cheese also contains calcium and protein, nutrients proven to strengthen tooth enamel.

Yoghurt – Apart from containing calcium and protein like cheese, yoghurt has probiotics that benefit your gums. The good bacteria take over the bad bacteria that cause cavities. Just make sure your yoghurt has minimal sugar…you don’t want to undo all the good work!

Apples – The fibrous texture of apples stimulates your ...

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Image of a Smile | Fairfield NSW Dentist

Famous last words! But, why is it that Dentists and Hygienists can find issues with your mouth if you feel perfectly fine?!

The answer is simply because by the time you are feel a twinge or a sharp pain, decay has usually progressed to a more serious level. By this time more damage has been done to the tooth and/or gums. I know you hear this from us all the time, but visiting us regularly is so important and can save you big $$ in the long run!

Your mouth is not the only place where pain is a sign that things have been brewing for a while. Think about heart attacks ...

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Dental Myths BUSTED!

Here are some dental myths that we have busted!

Do Oral Diseases only affect your mouth?


There is actually strong evidence linking oral diseases to the rest of your body. Gum disease can increase the risk of many chronic diseases (and vice-versa) such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Is Fluoride dangerous?


Fluoride is added to your everyday toothpaste in safe doses. Many studies have proven that fluoride is effective in helping protect your teeth from decay. It should be noted that it is not recommended that you swallow toothpaste. Children should always use a toothpaste formulated especially for children as they contain less fluoride.

Is fruit juice a good alternative to water for children?

ONLY ...

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How can pregnancy affect your teeth?

Pregnant Woman | Dentist Fairfield NSW

When you find out that you are pregnant, there are so many things that you need to think of; getting the nursery ready, clothes, nappies, wipes, toys etc… It is understandable that the last thing you would think of is how this pregnancy will affect your teeth!

There is an old wives tale that suggests that a mother loses one tooth for every baby that she has. While your oral health is definitely something you should keep on top of while you are pregnant (and beyond), there is no need to lose teeth whilst pregnant!

As we all know, hormones change throughout the 9 months during pregnancy. These hormone changes make women ...

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