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Is a crown better than a filling?

Couple Smiling | Dental Bridges Fairfield NSWAt Dr Peter Etcell and Associates, we are here to present all of your treatment options and their benefits (and limitations) based on your oral health needs. Ultimately, your treatment is your decision to make, and we always respect your choice.

In some cases, we may compare types of treatment options based on their likely longevity. In some cases, a dental crown will give you better long-term results.

Here are some ways that dental crowns could benefit you.

Improved support and stability – Damaging a tooth, especially a molar, can mean that your tooth is more susceptible to additional fractures caused by the force of chewing.

A dental crown covers your tooth entirely, encasing it in protective porcelain or gold.

Rebuilding a worn tooth – Wear, often caused by bruxism (teeth grinding), can wear down teeth and cause problems with your bite. Dental crowns rebuild worn smiles and restore chewing and bite function.

Aesthetic cosmetic dentistry – Stained teeth, due to discolouration from medications or because of a damaged nerve, may appear darker and stand out from the rest of your natural teeth. By covering the tooth with a crown, we can improve the aesthetics more consistently.

If you ever have questions about different procedures, we are here to help. Contact our Fairfield dental practice to discuss all of the possibilities for your smile.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.