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We welcome your questions, whether you are a brand new patient looking for a new dentist in Fairfield or you are one of our valued regular patients.

Feeling confident in the dentistry we provide and the choices you make for your smile is important. You will find some common questions listed here. If your specific enquiry is not on the list, we welcome you to call us for the answers you need.


The Wand is a computer-assisted anaesthetic delivery system that greatly reduces injection pain in nearly every attempt. Much of the pain caused by injections comes not from the needle itself, but from delivery of anaesthetic occurring too quickly or inconsistently.Man at dentist | dental pain fairfield nsw

The Wand allows the anaesthetic to be placed very slowly, carefully and painlessly. Gentle vibrations disrupt nerve sensations and deliver the injection more covertly. Because The Wand is extremely accurate, it reduces ambient numbness in the surrounding tissue and bone, making the post-treatment experience more pleasant.

Dr Etcell’s patients love it! Our patients often recommend our Fairfield dental practice to friends and family because of our painless injections.

Perhaps more important to our patients is Dr Etcell’s gentle treatment style. He approaches each procedure with the same care and compassion he wants for his own family. Our entire dental team is dedicated to compassionate care that puts patients at ease – both emotionally and physically.

Modern dentistry affords the opportunity for comfortable dentistry that makes it easy for patients to commit to the necessary dentistry they need to keep smiles healthy and lovely.

We welcome you to contact Dr Peter Etcell and Associates to arrange a booking with Fairfield’s gentle dentist.

Children's Dentistry

Childrens dentist fairfield nsw We like the little ones to come in as early as 18 months to sit on Mum's lap and just have a ride in the chair. It familiarises them with the practice, and as they get old enough for us to look in their mouths, they are nice and relaxed because they have already learned what the dental practice is about.

We take cues from your child to determine when they are ready to have an exam and to allow us to brush their teeth. Every child’s level of comfort is different, and by going at your little one’s pace, we eliminate the stress of the unknown.

When parents have a positive outlook about oral care, they can pass that along to their kids. The opposite is also true. When we work together toward creating a healthy foundation for your child’s oral health, your child will have the tools necessary to enjoy a lifelong, healthy smile.

We offer children’s exams, cleans, fluoride application, fissure sealants, fillings and emergency dentistry to protect both deciduous (baby) and permanent teeth.

To learn more about paediatric dentistry in the Fairfield, NSW area, please call us to speak with one of our helpful team members.

Children should have their first orthodontic evaluation by age seven. At this young age, children are still growing and developing, providing the opportunity to address many orthodontic and bite-related issues before all adult teeth erupt.Kids with Braces | Childrens dentistry fairfield nsw

Using interceptive orthodontics, problems such as overcrowding and bite-related issues can reduce future treatment times and complexity. Children will often still need braces, but ideal results are often achieved more easily and without orthodontic extractions.

Space maintainers – Prematurely losing a deciduous (primary) tooth may lead to misaligned permanent teeth. A space maintainer acts as a sort of bookend, keeping teeth from tilting toward the gap left by premature tooth loss.

Palatal expanders – In instances of predicted overcrowding, palatal expanders can guide jaw development to reduce overlapping and overcrowding due to underdeveloped jaw growth.

Braces – Children with teeth alignment issues benefit from traditional braces, with brackets and wires, to guide permanent teeth into ideal alignment. Orthodontics is more than an aesthetic issue. Improving jaw joint function and limiting premature wear are among the health benefits of orthodontics.

Retainer use – Encouraging children to wear retainers will protect their smiles from a condition called orthodontic relapse where teeth drift toward their previous location.

For children’s orthodontics in Fairfield, NSW, contact Dr Peter Etcell and Associates to arrange a consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are seeking cosmetic dentistry advice in the Fairfield area, different dentists will likely make very different recommendations. It is important to Dr Peter Etcell to learn about your goals so that he can make accurate suggestions.Man Hiking | Veneers Fairfield NSW

Here are some aspects to consider when you are making a decision about dental veneers:

Veneers are a permanent choice. Because we need to alter the enamel on the teeth to create space and a solid bond for your veneers, opting for cosmetic veneers is a lifelong commitment. If you are ready to make smile improvements, this should be good news. Our patients often say they wish they had their veneers sooner.

Veneers can be dramatic or natural looking. If you want a bright, white celebrity smile, Dr Etcell can make your dreams come true. If you prefer a more natural look, veneers are versatile for subtle improvements too.

Veneers require some specific care. While porcelain is strong and comparable to your enamel, porcelain veneers will require some common sense adjustments. As with your teeth, never use veneers as tools to open parcels or bottles. It is also a good idea to avoid anything too hard – like chewing ice or biting into olives with stones.

For our patients who grind their teeth, we may advise that you wear a nightguard to prevent chips to your veneers or to prevent dislodging them altogether. 

Teeth whitening is safe for most healthy patients, and studies have shown that teeth whitening has no weakening effect on enamel. Teeth whitening works by using a peroxide agent – either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide – to gently bleach away stains caused by tobacco, colourful foods, and beverages such as coffee and tea.White Teeth | Teeth Whitening Fairfield NSW

A clean and polish will provide a great start by removing surface stains and tartar. Enamel has microscopic pores that peroxide penetrates during the teeth whitening process.

Our Fairfield dental practice offers both in-office and take-home whitening options. Many patients combine these smile-brightening procedures to maintain their whiter smiles for years.

In-house teeth whitening – We protect the gums with a barrier paste and apply professional-strength whitening gel to the teeth for approximately 20 minutes. We repeat the procedure up to three times in one visit for impressive results.

Take-home teeth whitening – Impressions and moulds of teeth will form the custom whitening trays patients can use at home with professional whitening gel. Patients can continue the whitening process at home and retain their whitening trays for future touch-ups when new stains collect.

The most common side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity. Dr Etcell can help you manage any temporary discomfort with desensitising toothpaste, gels and fluoride application.

For teeth whitening in Fairfield, contact Dr Peter Etcell and Associates to learn about our options.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Couple Smiling | Dental Bridges Fairfield NSWAt Dr Peter Etcell and Associates, we are here to present all of your treatment options and their benefits (and limitations) based on your oral health needs. Ultimately, your treatment is your decision to make, and we always respect your choice.

In some cases, we may compare types of treatment options based on their likely longevity. In some cases, a dental crown will give you better long-term results.

Here are some ways that dental crowns could benefit you.

Improved support and stability – Damaging a tooth, especially a molar, can mean that your tooth is more susceptible to additional fractures caused by the force of chewing.

A dental crown covers your tooth entirely, encasing it in protective porcelain or gold.

Rebuilding a worn tooth – Wear, often caused by bruxism (teeth grinding), can wear down teeth and cause problems with your bite. Dental crowns rebuild worn smiles and restore chewing and bite function.

Aesthetic cosmetic dentistry – Stained teeth, due to discolouration from medications or because of a damaged nerve, may appear darker and stand out from the rest of your natural teeth. By covering the tooth with a crown, we can improve the aesthetics more consistently.

If you ever have questions about different procedures, we are here to help. Contact our Fairfield dental practice to discuss all of the possibilities for your smile.

General Dentistry

Woman at Dentist | Dental Fillings Fairfield NSWNot all teeth that need treatment hurt!  

However, signs that you may need a filling (restoration) can include (but are not limited to) sensitivity to pressure, hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks. When a filling is required, we will take out the decay and fill the hole with a filling material. The earlier a filling is detected, the easier, cheaper and less painful it will be to deal with.

The most popular filling material is white composite, which is natural in appearance and very strong. We also have dark amalgam, which is also very strong and the best material to use in certain cases. However, if you have existing old black fillings that you dislike, we can replace them with the newer white material to look more natural.

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