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Children's Dentistry

Childrens dentist fairfield nsw We like the little ones to come in as early as 18 months to sit on Mum's lap and just have a ride in the chair. It familiarises them with the practice, and as they get old enough for us to look in their mouths, they are nice and relaxed because they have already learned what the dental practice is about.

We take cues from your child to determine when they are ready to have an exam and to allow us to brush their teeth. Every child’s level of comfort is different, and by going at your little one’s pace, we eliminate the stress of the unknown.

When parents have a positive outlook about oral care, they can pass that along to their kids. The opposite is also true. When we work together toward creating a healthy foundation for your child’s oral health, your child will have the tools necessary to enjoy a lifelong, healthy smile.

We offer children’s exams, cleans, fluoride application, fissure sealants, fillings and emergency dentistry to protect both deciduous (baby) and permanent teeth.

To learn more about paediatric dentistry in the Fairfield, NSW area, please call us to speak with one of our helpful team members.

Children should have their first orthodontic evaluation by age seven. At this young age, children are still growing and developing, providing the opportunity to address many orthodontic and bite-related issues before all adult teeth erupt.Kids with Braces | Childrens dentistry fairfield nsw

Using interceptive orthodontics, problems such as overcrowding and bite-related issues can reduce future treatment times and complexity. Children will often still need braces, but ideal results are often achieved more easily and without orthodontic extractions.

Space maintainers – Prematurely losing a deciduous (primary) tooth may lead to misaligned permanent teeth. A space maintainer acts as a sort of bookend, keeping teeth from tilting toward the gap left by premature tooth loss.

Palatal expanders – In instances of predicted overcrowding, palatal expanders can guide jaw development to reduce overlapping and overcrowding due to underdeveloped jaw growth.

Braces – Children with teeth alignment issues benefit from traditional braces, with brackets and wires, to guide permanent teeth into ideal alignment. Orthodontics is more than an aesthetic issue. Improving jaw joint function and limiting premature wear are among the health benefits of orthodontics.

Retainer use – Encouraging children to wear retainers will protect their smiles from a condition called orthodontic relapse where teeth drift toward their previous location.

For children’s orthodontics in Fairfield, NSW, contact Dr Peter Etcell and Associates to arrange a consultation.

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