Dental Surgery in Fairfield, NSW

Person at Dentist | Fairfield NSW What Is Dental Surgery (Oral Surgery)?

Dental surgery is any number of medical procedures that involve the teeth and jaw. Most commonly, procedures include extraction (including wisdom teeth), reconstructive surgery and placing dental implants.

Why Would I Need Dental Surgery?

The following are the most typical reasons for dental surgery:

  • A tooth can no longer be restored or saved.
  • The tooth is not functional or cannot be cleaned.
  • The patient prefers to extract the tooth.

We can remove or extract the problem tooth under local anaesthetic. This will also require a consultation/discussion before the extraction. An x-ray is taken to diagnose the issue. Teeth can be extracted on the same day if necessary.

After your extraction, we can provide extra gauze, painkillers or antibiotics for any infection. This is to ensure your comfort and make healing as trouble-free as possible.

XRays of Teeth | Fairfield NSW Dentist Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We can also provide extractions of straight-forward wisdom teeth cases under local anaesthetic. But for more difficult wisdom teeth, patients often prefer to see a specialist or be ‘put to sleep' in a hospital. We can arrange that very easily for you.

Contact us to make an appointment so that we can review the recommended course of action for you.