Dentures and Partial Dentures in Fairfield, NSW

Missing teeth make it difficult to feel confident in your appearance, make eating your favourite foods more difficult, and cause a sunken appearance to the face. At Dr Peter Etcell and Associates, we offer a number of treatment procedures to restore your smile after tooth loss.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Making Dentures | Fairfield NSWDentures and partial dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for centuries. If your parents or grandparents wore dentures, you might have the image of false-looking, boxy smiles.

Modern dentures look more natural and function more effectively than ever. Dr Etcell expertly designs dentures with natural-looking denture teeth that support healthy nutrition and confident smiles.

Types of Dentures Available

We offer a number of modern denture solutions:

Immediate dentures – People are often concerned when they face full-mouth extractions because final dentures do take some time to fabricate and fit. Immediate dentures provide you with new teeth to complete your smile on the same day as your extractions. We will need to make regular adjustments to maintain a good fit throughout the healing process.

Complete (full) denturesEdentulous patients, those with no remaining teeth, may benefit from complete traditional dentures. Typically set in a pink acrylic base, modern aesthetic denture teeth will give you back practical dental function and fill out the face. Denture teeth come in a variety of colours and shapes for realistic, age-appropriate options that match skin tone and gender.Older Couple | Fairfield NSW Dentures

Partial dentures (removable) – Remaining teeth provide an anchor for partial dentures. Dr Etcell will meticulously match partial denture teeth to your remaining teeth for seamless results. Partial denture bases are available in a variety of materials based on your needs and goals for your smile.

  • Flexible base – comfortable and lightweight
  • Metal base – sturdy and reliable
  • Acrylic base – lightweight and aesthetic

Implant-retained dentures – Sometimes patients want additional stability to eliminate slipping and falling, which can be common with complete dentures. Placing 4 to 6 dental implants per arch locks dentures in place to improve dietary choices and confidence.

Implant-supported bridges (fixed partial dentures) – Dental implants can reduce the number of healthy teeth requiring alteration by supporting artificial teeth using dental implants. Many patients appreciate this fixed alternative to partial dentures.

Caring for Dentures

Proper care of your dentures will protect your investment. Use only a specific denture cleaner and a soft brush to keep dentures clean. As with your teeth, tartar can develop on your dental prosthetic. Denture cleaners can dissolve tartar and restore freshness. Never scrape dentures as this can cause abrasions that collect bacteria and cause odours.

Complete dentures should be stored in their case with a splash of water to keep them from drying out.

Comfortable Dentures in Fairfield, NSW

If you are ready to address the missing teeth in your smile, we welcome you to get in touch with our Fairfield dental clinic to arrange an appointment to discuss all available options with Dr Peter Etcell.