Emergencies and Root Canal Treatment in Fairfield, NSW

Sudden toothaches or an accident can cause panic. Dr Etcell and our entire team are here to help ease your mind when a dental emergency occurs. We welcome you to contact our Fairfield dental clinic at the first sign of a problem so we can have you feeling like yourself again quickly.Tooth Pain | Fairfield, NSW

We strive to treat dental emergencies fast – usually on the same day.

Is Tooth Pain an Emergency?

Dental conditions like decay do not usually cause pain until they are well advanced and impact the nerve protected deep inside your tooth. Anytime you experience pain in a tooth, it’s your body’s way of alerting you to a problem. Ignoring the problem will likely cause it to worsen and may even result in the need for an extraction.

Common dental emergencies:

  • Knocked out or loose tooth
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Broken tooth
  • Damaged or lost filling, crown or bridge
  • Sports injuries

If you are ever in doubt about whether you need an emergency dental visit, contact Dr Peter Etcell and Associates to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Root Canal Diagram | Fairfield NSWRoot Canal Treatment

Root canals relieve the severe symptoms patients experience when they develop an infection near the nerve of a tooth. While diagnosing the need for a root canal requires an exam in our Fairfield dental clinic, some symptoms indicate that calling our practice for an examination is a wise decision:

  • Pain, swelling and pressure
  • Sensitivity to hot foods and drinks
  • Tooth discolouration
  • A small lesion on the gums

Many patients are concerned that root canal therapy will hurt, but treatment actually heals and alleviates symptoms. 

What to Expect with Root Canal Treatment

We use The Wand for painless injections to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your procedure.

After making a small access to the interior of the tooth, Dr Etcell will clean out the infection and bacteria inside the canal and apply medication to assist with healing. He will fill the canal and seal the tooth to protect it during the healing process.

Removing the nerve fibre and blood supply inside the tooth can cause it to become brittle. In many cases, we will recommend a crown to protect and stabilise the tooth, especially posterior (back) teeth that are exposed to force when chewing.

Saving your natural teeth is often the simplest and most affordable way to protect your smile and your dental health. Dr Etcell will discuss all of your treatment options along with their benefits so that you can make an informed choice.

Troubled by a Toothache?

We welcome patients from Horsley Park, Liverpool, Fairfield, Richmond and the surrounding communities who have a dental emergency. We are here to give you the answers you need to achieve a healthy smile.