Fairfield Dental Care


As with many aspects of life, if you are not advancing in dentistry, you are becoming out of date. Staying on the leading edge of the dental profession is important to Dr Etcell so that he can continually improve and perfect the dentistry he provides.

Our investment in the latest technology is an investment in our patients’ smiles. Here are some of the ways that modern dentistry improves the care and the results you can count on in our Fairfield dental practice.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are far safer than their film counterparts, emitting up to 80 percent less radiation. Digital images are of a higher quality and subject to Dr Etcell's adjustments in exposure and contrast for the earliest diagnosis possible.

Why do I need a dental x-ray?

We take x-rays of your mouth to assist the dentist diagnosing any issues. Our small x-rays are higher definition compared to the full-mouth x-rays that we may ask you to have taken at a radiology centre. 

A large full mouth x-ray (OPG) can be helpful to assess issues such as jaw problems and the need for orthodontic work and also provides an overall look at your mouth.

After a comprehensive examination and necessary x-rays, we can provide you with a detailed treatment plan if any work is needed. Dr Etcell will take the time to fully explain his concerns and recommendations to you, and brochures are available to further enlighten you regarding any treatment discussed.

Intraoral Camera

Seeing is believing. We view our role in dentistry as educators to provide valuable information for patients about both their health and available treatments. Part of understanding your condition comes with visual assistance, but seeing inside your own mouth is tricky.

We use an intraoral camera to take digital images of individual teeth and other areas of the mouth and to highlight oral conditions so that you can make an educated choice for the future of your smile. We store these photos in your digital records to track changes in your oral health.

The Wand Painless Injections

Injections are one of the most feared parts of dentistry. In an effort to provide stress-free and comfortable dentistry, we have introduced The Wand computer-assisted injections to eliminate pain during the anaesthetic delivery process.

The Wand delivers anaesthetic slowly, making it far more comfortable. The Wand also applies gentle vibrations to intercept nerve pain receptors. Our patients love this addition to our practice and are often surprised at how pain-free injections can be.

Digital Records

Digital records make it easier to perform side-by-side comparisons from one visit to the next, giving Dr Etcell the opportunity to diagnose dental conditions in their earliest stages.

Computerised dentistry also eliminates the paper trail that can put your personal information at risk. Your digital records are stored on our secure server.